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I love spending time with my family and going to new places. giving the children new exciting experience’s.

Been a mummy of three is the best but it hasn’t been without its ups and downs even in the short space of my sons 4 months of life.

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Book Review: Survivors- The Empty City


Lucky has always been a Lone Dog, but when the devastating Big Growl earthquake strikes, his life changes forever. In a dangerous new world without humans, Lucky must learn to live and hunt with a pack in order to survive. It’s time for dogs to rule the world.

Thomas’s Thoughts

I really liked this book and how it was told from the dogs perspective. It was a different read to my usual books. The setting is set very well and in a imaginative way. I would recommend this book to my friends and can’t wait to read the next instalment.

Thankyou to Willow Tree Books for sending us a advance copy of this book.

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What to do with the kids in Liverpool

We had a fabulous time recently when we visited Liverpool. There is so much to explore in this beautiful city. So much of what we enjoyed was completely free too which when there is five of us to keep entertained days out can be pretty expensive. Here are all the great attractions we enjoyed.

A walk around the wonderful city

Just going for a walk around the beautiful city there are plenty of attractions to see. The Royal Albert Docks are gorgeous especially in the evening. All lit up with lights in the trees and the Liverpool Wheel. Our children loved watching the ships on the Mersey and looking at all the love locks on the waters edge. Then Matthew Street is the place to go to soak up all the musical history of the city with The Carven Club and Cilla Blacks Statue. On the opposite side to The Royal Albert Docks are The Pier Dock where the Beatles Statue is situated. Along the way there is plenty more to see and do with the various shopping areas including the gorgeous Liverpool One Complex.


We visited 5 wonderful museums in one day as we were there for a short time. If you are there for longer you can easily spread these out. They were all free admission although some exhibitions needed paid admission so it’s worth researching before you head out. They were a varied mixture but we throughly enjoyed them. First we headed to TheLiverpool world museum which is the natural history museum on a smaller scale. All three children loved it here. It contains various floors taking you on a journey through Egypt, Dinosaurs, Space, A aquarium and Bug house. At the moment they also have the Terracotta Army exhibit on but it was sadly sold out on the day we went so I would advise pre booking tickets of that is something you wish to see.

Then we headed to The Royal Albert Docks where a lot of the museums are situated. Here we visited The Museum Of Liverpool showcasing all the great things about Liverpool’s rich history. We found this really interesting and again there was plenty for the older two to see and learn about. One of the sections was closed on the day we visited which was a shame as we would have loved to take a look as it house Chris Boardman’s bike from the Tour De France and it was the musical area about the Beatles.

The Tate: this was my first experience of a museum all about art. This type of museum didn’t really appeal to me I’m glad I have visited and the kids joined in on one of the art stations. They also had a exhibition on that was really interesting and free to see. So I’m glad we went and it passed some time. Not the best place for us with a shrieking one year old in tow.

Liverpool Maritime Museum

I’ve never really been on into ships and the sea. However I found the Maritime Museum really interesting and the kids seemed to really enjoy it. The section on the Titanic was so moving and emotive. The Titanic disaster is always something I’ve taken a interest in since I was small. I loved how my eldest took a real interest too. There was lots of interactive stations, things to see and investigate. Also housed here is the Slavery Museum we sadly didn’t have a lot of time left to do this the justice it deserved.

Also for younger children on the docks there is something called Mattel Play we looked into going but for us Edward was a little too young and the others were too old. This would be a great attraction for 2year olds upwards. Also it’s £12.00 per child so quite a pricey day out. It did however look really good. We popped in to look at the gift shop to see if they had a Edward train with them selling merchandise from Thomas the Tank Engine.

Liverpool is a wonderful city to explore with the children. We will definitely be back soon.

What’s your favourite city to visit with the children?

Until next time



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James and the Birthday Balloon By Nicola J.Rowley*


Edward was kindly sent a copy of James and the Birthday Balloon by Nicola J.Rowley. This is part of the Amazing James Series. The other book included is James and the Amazing Gift. Our copy arrived and we couldn’t wait to read this great story. I thought it was a lovely touch that Nicola had signed our copy for Edward and it will most definatly be a book we treasure.

My first impression of this book was great the cover is super colourful and I love that every copy sold helps support the Evelina London Childrens Hospital which provides care and life saving treatment to children in South London and Beyond. It was also lovely that included in this book is a free audio version which is read by TV’S Dr Ranj presenter of the popular Cbeebies show Get Well Soon.


The story follows James and his best friend Ruby what struck me through the story is that it was great to show that boys and girls can be friends too. As in many TV shows and books boys tend to play with boys as do girls and girls. My daughter’s best  friend is a boy and it was great to have a piece of children’s literature showing this and not following the normal. 

There are many themes that run through the story the two that really stood out were friendship and kindness. This story is aimed at 3-7 year old’s however Edward is just one and the beautiful illustrations really seemed to captivate him. They are bright, colorful and really clear. Not too cluttered for little eyes to follow the story. 



The story of James and the Birthday Balloon would be a great read for any child but it would work really well for a child about to have a stay in hospital or go in for a procedure to realize hospitals don’t have to be a big scary place. 

James and the Birthday Balloon is a positive and uplifting storybook which is beautifully written. We all thoroughly enjoyed reading this story. Thankyou so much for adding it to our bookshelf. 

If you would like your own copy it is currently available on Amazon for £6.61. If you’ve read James and the Birthday Balloon let me know in the comments below if you enjoyed it too.

Until next time


*Disclaimer: We were kindly gifted this item for a full review. All opinions are 100% my own and completely honest.


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Book Review: Disney Villains: Poor Unfortunate Soul

How have I only just found out about the Disney Villain series I really don’t know. However I’m so glad I did. There is a few in this series with new books due to be released.

Poor Unfortunate Soul By Serena Valentino


How did the sea witch Ursula become so twisted and filled with anger and hatred?

Determined to be with her new love Ariel makes a dangerous deal with Ursula. Will the cost of losing her enchanting voice and nearly her soul prove too high for Ariel, or will the power of good prevail?

Losing them finding ones voice is at the heart of the classic story the little mermaid.

My review

Since I was a little girl the Little Mermaid was one of my all time favourite Disney films. I used to watch it on a loop with a few others. I came across this book when my older children were looking for books on our recent trip away. There was a 3 for 2 offer on all children’s books so I took the plunge and treated myself. I’m so glad that I did. I finished this book in under three days and learned more about the villain behind the story that I love. The story mixes the tale we all know with new characters and bigger insight into why Ursula was determined to bring down king Triton and his kingdom by robbing Ariel of her voice. I have since been out and bought more in the series. They are fantastic reads for any Disney fan, young or old. I fell in love with the new characters as well as the old. There is also a mixture and reference to others in the Disney universe such as Malificent all entwining in this story and collection.

I rate this book a 4/5 which may be on the high side due to my love of the little mermaid and blinded by small minor details that had me hooked from the start.

It’s another book ticked off for my reading goal of 2018 now off I go to start on the next one.

If you read the Disney villains series do let me know. Who’s your favourite?

Until next time



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Eating Out In Liverpool

We recently went on a short city break to the wonderful city of Liverpool. While there we ate out at two different restaurants. Here is how we found it and our experience. Today’s write up is the first, and how we found the:

Yard and Coop 


The Yard and Coop is situated on Hanover Street, Liverpool, L1 3DN a great central location and very easy to find. I had booked this before we arrived on our break as I didn’t know how busy it would be. The last thing that you want is to be starving, pacing the city streets with two hungry children in tow. So it was a great treat to discover this was basically at the end of the road from were our accommodation was situated. 

Upon arrival we were slightly put out that we had to go down a few flights of stairs with the pushchair and no one greeted us straight away. Even though it was empty the staff seemed to be in quite a flap. 


We were finally greeted and show to our table. The older two loved the fact we were sat in one of the booths. These are designed to be chicken coops which were quite quirky and added a talking point to our meal. One of the downfalls of the Yard and Coop is that they don’t have a great children’s menu, it consists of three options. Both our two went for the same which was the Coop Box containing a chicken burger, slaw, corn on the cob (although they only get given half a cob) fries and a ball. The ball was like a vegetable ball containing peas and sweetcorn. It came presented in a little box. It looked like the deepest part of a lunchbox. The children really enjoyed it but were really upset they didn’t get a full corn on the cob. They also wished there had been a few more options. 


Myself and Mr Hible went for the ‘Basic Chick’ burger. However you can add various extra’s. I topped mine with bacon whereas Mr H went for a chicken thigh. Our visit coincided with free wings Wednesday and we also had a free side of onion rings through the Yard and Coop email list.

While waiting for our meal to arrive one of the waitresses came to our table twice with other tables meals. Each time looking more so embarrassed and flustered. She apologized later saying they had problems with the system and showing the correct table numbers. I would hate to see them on a busy night when we were in there was only another 4 tables filled. 

The food arrived and was nice for the price we cant complain at all. It came to just over £50 for all four of us to eat with the children enjoying a pudding. Although we were slightly cheated. On the children’s menu it said chocolate brownies were a extra £1.50 however when we got the bill. We had been charged £4.50 as apprently they no longer did the children’s brownie. The waitress never came over to let us know this and just added it on. 

Overall the food was nice but the service and atmosphere could have been a lot more upbeat and professional. It was a novelty to sit in a chicken coop but im not sure we would be back in a hurry. 


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March Roundup

The Easter holidays are fast approaching and I really cant wait for some good old fashioned quality family time. Having the older two home for two whole weeks!! We have some really fun things planned I just really hope that the snow stays away. Its Spring now although it hasn’t felt like it the past few weeks. Spring is for daffodils and lambs been born. Not snowballs and building snowmen. 

March in our house has gone by in a blur. Our tiniest member turned a whole one years old. On his birthday we had planned to go to have a lovely day at the farm while the older ones were at school. However they ended up with a snow day which actually turned out really nice. Not totally how I imagined it but it was great all been together. As the snow melted away by lunchtime we hit the shops. We managed to get to the farm the next day and had a great day out. 


Edward loved watching the meerkats, reptiles and pigs. The sheep and lambs were quite loud and he wasn’t so sure. He is doing really great with his development Im really sure we will have a little walker soon. We have two more teeth and hes really been suffering with teething. So lots of mummy cuddles have been required. 

I had a little shift in my mental health at the beginning of the year things were starting to get on top of me. However over the last month I’ve had time to regroup, get on the top of all the stresses but more importantly I’ve learned to let go a little. I used to stress about every little thing weather the kids were in bed at a set time was a big one for me especially as they have to be up for school. However letting go a tiny bit and not been so rigid has actually helped our family dynamic. Izzy is sleeping loads better going a little later as crazy as that sounds. Thomas gets to feel a little more grown up and I do have to realize hes starting Grammar school in September and needs a little more independence. Although he will still be my baby boy when hes grown up and left home.  I’ve taken on some extra things just for me and one of those is getting more involved in the children’s school and the PTA which I am loving my new role. My you tube and Blog is going well and still a great healer and something just for me. The main up lifter in my mood was we booked our first family holiday abroad for next year to Spain and I really cant wait although I need to make a start on my bikini body!! Which Creme Eggs aren’t helping with. 



This month has been a whirlwind bring on April and hopefully not too many April showers.

Until Next Time




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Book Wrap Up- January to March 2018

At the beginning of 2018 I wrote a post 18 things for 2018. I set myself a goal of reading more with a hopefully achievable number of 12 books. One a month at least if more is achieved amazing but hopefully not less. So far im on track and three different books have been consumed. Taking me along on three very different journeys.

Reading is great for me as it takes me away from been glued to my phone or the TV. Gets me in a better mindset mentally and earlier to bed most evenings. 

January started with The keeper Of Lost Things- By Ruth Hogan the cover of this book was one of the first things that attracted me to it when walking by it on the shelves in Tesco. 


The story follows Anthony Peardew who has spent his life collecting lost objects trying to fix a promise that was broken. After each of the lost things has been mentioned in Anthony’s per cession the story flips back in time to how it was lost and the back story of the object. I found this a lovely little feature and loved learning about the life of the objects. They are as much main characters as Antony and his assistant Laura. Laura ends up getting left the house along with all the treasures and a great task of returning them all to there rightful owners. As Laura starts fulfilling Antony’s wishes another tale is unfolded and its not so straight forward. Its just a great heartwarming read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. A tale of love, friendships, companions and more. Ruth Hogan has a new book out later this year and I can’t wait to read her next piece.

February- Saw me read a thriller called The Woman In cabin 10 By Ruth Ware.

 My Mum had finished this book so had passed it on to me. I do love thrillers of late, it was never really a genre I had really tried. Until last summer when I read ‘The Couple Next Door’ and ‘A Stranger In The House’ By Shari Lapena. I loved those and got through them super quick. The Women In Cabin 10 follows the story of Lo Blacklock a travel journalist. Following a traumatic break in at her home goes on a press trip to The Northern Lights aboard a boutique cruise ship.  Were things don’t go at all to plan for her after waking up to screams one night. Lo sees a body thrown overboard and goes on a mission to find the missing person who appears never to have been on board the ship. This book sounded amazing and I was excited to get started. However it felt like a book of two parts it was really faced paced and seemed to know its way. Then somehow it got lost and in turn I got lost. A very twisted plot unfolded full of holes and characters that I really didn’t feel for especially Lo she annoyed me rather than me feeling sorry for her and the situation that she finds herself in. I will give another Ruth Ware book a try in the future but she possibly wouldn’t be a author I rush back to in a hurry. 

MarchWonder By R J Palacio

 Wonder follows the story of ‘Auggie’ August Pullman who was born with facial disfigurements. Up until now he’s been homeschooled however his parents decide that it’s time to enter the world of school. Starting 5th grade can be tough for anyone but especially Auggie as with his disfigurements people struggle to stop staring at him etc. The story is wonderful even though it’s set at a reading age of 9-11 year olds I found as a mother of three I really connected with the story. It was a quick read and I loved how it’s split into different parts each part been told from a different characters perspective. I will be passing this book onto my eldest to read next as I think it’s great for letting children understand the importance of not judging a book by its cover as the classmates of Auggie do to begin with and can teach great life lessons we can hold forever. Very though provoking and heartwarming. I’m looking forward to seeing the film when it is out on DVD hopefully soon.

These are the reads I’ve finished so far so now it’s onto the next. If you love reading and use goodreads. Do come join me my username is Mrs Hible.

Until next time