Hi everyone and welcome to my blog. Its all very exciting. I’m Jess Mrs Hible a 27 year old married mummy of three beautiful children. My children are 10 years, 8 years and 4 months… yes me and Mr Hible have our hands well and truly full. My blog is going to be everything from parenting tips, know how, recipes, family trips a little bit of everything.IMG_1931

I love spending time with my family and going to new places. giving the children new exciting experience’s.

Been a mummy of three is the best but it hasn’t been without its ups and downs even in the short space of my sons 4 months of life.

so please come along for the ride

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Mrs Hible

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Stuck in a Rut

I’ve never been the chubby one, although if you asked me back in my teenage years I really thought I was. However right now I would give anything to be eight and a half stone Jess again!!

Me aged 16 at prom, I actually used to feel

Although I know deep down that my body has done amazing things in growing, carrying and safely bringing three gorgeous people into the world. I’m struggling at the moment with how I look. Since the summer months my eating habits have got out of control again, my clothing size has crept up to ridiculous proportions and I’m just feeling in a really crappy place over my body. I want to look and feel nice in the latest fashions and just in my clothes generally. It’s super disheartening when I’m scrolling through Asos finding a piece I love to find it doesn’t go up to a size 18 as that’s what currently is fitting me or it does go up to the size. However the items will arrive and look absolutely horrendous. This is then super disheartening and makes me feel equally as crap about myself.

I know that no one but me can change this. At the moment I’m feeling super stuck like drowning in mud. Where do I even begin? I’ve previously followed plans like slimming world and weight watchers. They have worked short time but I always end up slipping back into old habits.

I absolutely hate this photo of myself I was 23

Next year we are heading abroad for the first time as a family. I was always the girl happy in a bikini at the beach. At the moment I don’t even want to be seen in a swimming costume. Having my daughter makes me want to feel confident in my own skin as I don’t want her to see or ever feel that her weight is a issue. Girls especially have too much pressure to be this or that. Izzy is nine nearly ten years old. Already she will say things like ‘I’m fat’ or ‘I’m too big’. This has come from images she sees in the media and other children from school.

I never weigh myself in front of her or chat about my own figure worries and woes. As she is beautiful and I want her to continue feeling good and beautiful in her own skin.

I know I’ve gone off on abit of a ramble. Writing this blog post isn’t going to help me lose a pounds or stop me stuffing a pack of custard creams into my mouth. I just needed to let off some steam, write about my feelings and hopefully I will find a way out of this rut soon.

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Women that have inspired ME!

I recently shared a children’s library book haul over on my YouTube channel. Izzy picked up a fabulous book called Three Cheers for Women By Marcia Williams. It’s such a wonderful book showcasing so many extraordinary women. These include Rosa Parks, Amelia Earhart, Anne Frank, Jane Austen, Boudicca and many many more I could go on and on. On the back page of the book it has a scroll we’re you can write about the women who’ve inspired you.

This got me thinking who I would include on my scroll and all the women I have in my life who’ve shaped the young women I’ve become.

When I was 18 we sadly lost my great grandma this was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through. I still think about her every single day and we have her picture in various places around our home. She’s still very much part of our family. My younger two children sadly never got to meet her but they know and will know all about her. My great grandma was the sweetest, kindest women who hadn’t had the easiest life by far losing both her daughter and then her husband. She never moaned or groaned about how hard it all was she just got on with it. She was so inspiring to me and I treasure all our memories together. At this time of year I really miss our autumn baking session making the best Parkin in the world!! No other Parkin ever tastes like my great grandma’s ever did. It truly was scrumptious! Great Grandma Florence would have to be Number one on my scroll of inspirational women.

Also included on my list of inspirational women to me would be my Nannan Rosemary. She has never been a baking and fun sort of Nannan however she holds a special place in my life. She has raised six of her own children of her own, grandma/Nannan to sixteen of us and now has five great grandchildren. She’s in her mid eighties and although her health isn’t at all what it used to be she still manages to live independently.

Who are your inspirations? I would love to know in the comments.

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Less than 10 minutes was all it took!

I was shocked recently when I saw a article about the decline in women attending there smear tests. I went for mine this morning and I was literally in and out in ten minutes. It’s really nothing to be scared of and it literally could save your life. We are so lucky to have the NHS getting access to free healthcare! When so many countries around the world have to pay or have a lack of health care services.

My generation is the lost generation really as we weren’t eligible for our first smears till 25 when the ages got moved up from 18 and also we missed out on the Cervical vaccination program for the HPV vaccine.

It really was nothing to be scared about and I urge every women of a eligible age when that letter drops on your doorstep. Please pick up the phone and book in for the test.


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#ACE for School Challenge

When my eldest started primary school I was lured into a false sense of children coming home as clean as they left in the morning. He’s not your typical child of wanting to bath in muddy puddles and used to hate getting mucky.

However when his sister started primary school two years after I was in for a huge shock. Only on the second day she had to come home in spare clothes from the schools supplies after a afternoon in the mud area. I had to spend my evening with a toothbrush on her shiny black patient shoes clearing all the mud away. 

She is now a Y5 and every day is pretty much the same maybe not mud as much. However  by the end of the day she is often covered in glue from sticking her work, whiteboard pen from maths or yoghurt from her lunch. 



 The worst is when the white polo shirts get really dull as the colour leaves them over time. Since using ACE for colours this hasn’t been a problem at all. Its taken the stains out and left the shirts looking brand new and sparkling. Which is definitely a winner as it saves on my purse having to buy new ones every half term or so.

Im so glad I’ve heard and seen the results from using the ACE products as I will definitely be keeping them to hand for when my 19 month old is coming home from his first day at school. As if hes anything like his older sister we will definitely be needing them. 

A Bit More Information About ACE

  • ACE keeps garments bright, robust and clean meaning your clothes last longer.

  • Keeps colours bright and fresh with ACE for colours.

  • It tackles germs, grease and stubborn stains with the ACE Stain Remover


* This post is an entry for Britmums #ACEforschool Challenge, sponsored by ACE. Get help for all kinds of stains with the ACE Stain Helper. Head to http://www.acecleanuk.co.uk for more information or to your local Tesco’s Morrison’s, Waitrose or Sainsburys to buy. 





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Meet Boris Our Fingerling Hugs

If you’ve not heard of last years fingerling craze were have you been hiding. The latest edition to the fingerling family are Fingerling Hugs included in the range is Boris alongside his friend Bella. Izzy was so excited when he arrived at our house he’s become a firm favorite toy and has great features.

We’ve had interactive toys before and I’ve always found them to be quite overpriced with a lack of enjoyment after a short time. Im so pleased this hasn’t been the case at all with the Fingerling Hugs. All three children have loved interacting and playing games together even our one year old Edward has been getting involved in on the action. The box recommends a age guide of 2+ but we’ve found with Boris’s size, no real small parts, and under adult supervision hes great for all the family. Edward loves nothing more than using the Velcro on Boris’s paws and wrapping his arms around his body for a big monkey hug. 


What does Boris Do?

  • Firstly if you press Boris’s right ear and hold the button in while speaking. He will repeat back to you what has just been said. This is a great feature and we loved listening to him in his cute voice. I would have loved it if he could keep the recording until you chose to get rid of it. As once it’s been repeated it wipes the recording and the kids would have loved him to keep some of them.
  • Along with the recording feature Finglings Hugs have lots of different and interactive functions. Izzy’s favorite one was if you kiss him on the lips he will give you one back. The longer you press his lips for the longer this interaction will last.
  • Whereas myself and her dad found it hilarious that you can make him release his wind. We really need to grow up more!!
  • I absolutely loved the fact that it came with batteries as we are always the parents who forget to buy them and are hunting around the house frantically on birthdays and Christmas morning. The fact that you can get Boris out of the box and start interacting him straight away was fantastic.


The price point for Fingerling Hugs is really reasonable too at £29.99 from Smyths toys. For all the features included I would be really happy to spend that on Boris and his friends. 

Final Thoughts

Fingerling Hugs are a fantastic toy for the price tag. They are extremely interactive and anything to get my older two away from there games consoles is amazing. One of my downsides to the Fingerling would be a more variety in colour choices instead of just the generic pink and blue. It would have been great to see a purple or orange.  That would be my only negative point, we have thoroughly enjoyed reviewing Boris and we can’t wait to carry on our adventures with him.



*we were kindly gifted this Fingerling Hugs for a honest review by Wire PR.



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Having A Wobble.. It’s Ok!

It’s been 18 months since the grip of my truly dark days of my post natal depression and crippling post natal anxiety to we’re I would be too worried to even leave the house. Although I’ve come a long way back in April/May I could feel certain feelings returning and a little black cloud forming overhead. Needing to regain some control before the black cloud truly grew over my head and the deep dark spiral began all over again. I took early steps to prevent that.

The thing with anxiety is it’s a funny old one. You can go from feeling completely normal to a panicky mess in such a small space of time. Falling down the deep dark rabbit hole were it’s harder to climb you way back up. I still now in September don’t really know what my problem was maybe I never will. I had stopped doing all the things I had grown to love again. One of those was blogging.

Enough became enough and I decided to head back to my GP. I’m so glad I did as since upping my anti depressants and anxiety medication before truly hitting rock bottom. It’s taken me a shorter time to pull myself back through to the light. I still have funny days were silly things make start me with that fuzzy feeling bubbling up in my stomach. On the whole though I’ve been dealing with it well. Enjoying family time as well as socialising with my friends. Finding the fun in everything again that was vastly disappearing!!

I am taking steps in my everyday life and routine to try and prevent another spiral. Look out for future blog posts on my self care routines.

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Letting go a little!!

So Thomas started his new journey into secondary education earlier this month. Were so proud with how he’s settled and just taking it all in his stride on his first day I could tell he was a little apprehensive, nothing compared to me though. I saw every hour on the clock from 3.30am before his first morning. Worries flying around my head from the normal one of missing the alarm and been late for his first day. To the more ridiculous of what if big Y11 students were mean to my precious little guy.

I was so chilled upto a few days before he actually started then it hit me like a bus. Starting secondary school is such a huge step. Even though we’re only a few weeks into the journey I’ve had to relax and loosen the mum reins. I’m now no longer present in simple school life tasks such as collecting and taking him to school. I’ve gone from knowing every single one of his classmates to not knowing who he is socialising with, making new friendships with and just in general what he gets upto on the School run with his friends.

In the next few months he will be turning 12 and growing up is just a part in of life. It’s inevitable we can’t change it! Instead we have to roll with it. However I don’t think I was quite prepared emotionally for the change in our family daily routines and just after one day my little boy came home as a young man. Whose gaining so much independence in such a short space of time.

I’m so excited to see where his new journey takes him. As I know he will aim high and reach for the stars.