Hi everyone and welcome to my blog. Its all very exciting. I’m Jess Mrs Hible a 27 year old married mummy of three beautiful children. My children are 10 years, 8 years and 4 months… yes me and Mr Hible have our hands well and truly full. My blog is going to be everything from parenting tips, know how, recipes, family trips a little bit of everything.IMG_1931

I love spending time with my family and going to new places. giving the children new exciting experience’s.

Been a mummy of three is the best but it hasn’t been without its ups and downs even in the short space of my sons 4 months of life.

so please come along for the ride

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Bye for now

Mrs Hible


Oh my goodness its nearly a year ago since my last post here. Ive missed my little space very much and I am planning on coming back more regularly. Writing about everything that I love! Ive been busy thinking of all the content I want to publish here and over on my youtube channel.

speak to you all soon



Starting Over!

OH My Goodness… I’ve been going through my posts here on Mrs Hible and have noticed I haven’t posted since the end of 2019. Even then my posts got extremely sporadic and very AD heavy. It isn’t what I set out or intended for Mrs Hible.

When I was on my maternity leave way back in 2017 and finally took the plunge to start something I had been thinking off for ages. I wanted my tiny space of the world wide web to be informative, inspiring and raise awareness of real issues mainly mental health as this is a subject super close to my heart.

2020 has been an extremely funny year so far for everyone with the whole pandemic, home schooling and a change to the normal life we knew only 8 months ago. Its also been a very challenging time for us as a family personally, weather I will open up about that here is something I’m yet to decide. Im leaning towards a yes as writing about experience is not only good for my soul but also if reading my experiences help just 1 person get through the same situation then that’s 1 less person on a search for the answers they are trying to find.

So here is my promise to myself as if its in writing I’ve no excuses that posts will be coming more frequent on all sorts of topics.

Have a great day

Mrs H

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Festive Feels And Memories Forever- AD

Ever since I can remember Raymond Brigg’s The Snowman has been part of my Christmas for the last 29 years. We got to go to Chesterfield’s Winding Wheel and see The Snowman Tour 2019. Making this years viewing of this absolute classic even more special. Not only with the live orchestra accompanying this treasured classic. Also the fact that this was my little boys first ever viewing and what a way to watch.

One of my worries was that Edward would struggle to see the screen with him only been 2 years old. However there was absolutely no need as its a great height and is brilliant for all to see. 

He was absolutely captivated from the beginning of the production with the showing of The Nutcracker and other famous pieces of music right through to the main event. We were even treated to a appearance from the snowman himself which all the children in the audience loved. It was a lovely addition to a well thought out and wonderful family evening out. 

I loved how the orchestra got introduced at the beginning of the show by Santa each section one by one. Giving them the recognition they deserve while they had everyone’s attention. 

There are still some dates of The Snowman Tour this December around the country head to https://www.carrotproductions.com/snowman to grab yours. I can’t recommend it enough!!

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Walking In The Air

Ever since I can remember every christmas Raymond Briggs The Snowman has been part of my festive viewing. This year im so excited as we will be watching this festive classic accompained by live music from a live orcestra.

We are super lucky to be getting to see this wonderful Carrot Productions performance in the wonderful setting of Chesterfield Winding Wheel. The tour of the Snowman is taking place in many locations through the country from the 3rd to the 30th December. It really is a event not to be missed.

Not only are the audience treated to the performance of the snowman, The program of events also treats the audience to a second film. Three films have been specially commissioned by Carrot Productions. Each location will show one of the Three which include: A Donkeys Tale– This is a heartwarming tale of Dillon the Donkey with a extrodinary dream. This has been specially written and composed by Daniel Whibley. Also on offer Narriated by the wonderful Joanna Lumley with music by Daniel Wibley is an exclusive animated film. Which is based on the award winning book by David Litchfield and this is The Bear and the Piano. The third offering is the most christmassy piece The Nutcracker which is brought to life by Tom Scott’s mesmerising animated film.

The preformances are a great and fun introduction to classical music and listening to a orcestra. A orcestra that is drawn from top musicains in the country, many of whom are members of The Halle and BBC Philharmonic.

What are you waiting for to experience this wonderful production head to https://www.carrotproductions.com/the-snowman/ to book your tickets in a venue near you. Grab them before they sell out.

You can find more out about The Snowman Tour and Carrot Productions by following them on social media at the following links:

Facebook: @carrotproductions | www.facebook.com/carrotproductions
Twitter: @carrotprod | twitter.com/carrotprod
Instagram: @carrot_productions | www.instagram.com/carrot_productions/

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When Will I Hear Your Little Voice?

When will I hear your little voice? It’s the question I hear myself asking 1000 times a day. I go to bed every night with the same wish on my breath. How we long to be able to talk about Dinosaurs, Cars and all that you love. I get so upset seeing you frustrated when I don’t understand what you want to tell me. Im trying to learn what all the murmur’s, squeaks and actions are. Please give me time and I will get there just for you. My sweet boy Edward.

I promise to be there every step of whatever your journey will be and never give up on finding your voice. It’s just lost inside but will soon come out for us all to hear. Always remember that your special just the way you are and you can become anything you want be. Don’t ever believe otherwise.

You have learnt so much in the last few weeks! I am so overwhelmed with new nursery rhymes by the day. Your actions to wind the bobbin up melt my heart. Your ear for everything musical makes my day. You truly are the sunshine to our family. Making us all complete and together. The way you have started babbling ‘izzy’ fills your sister with absolute pride the joy on her face and the tears in her eyes say it all.

Communication is a skill that comes in many forms and you will find your own path. My days are filled with absolute love having you in them. Your the most loving little boy super affectionate, funny and caring. Showing us the world through your little eyes each day.

When you feel ready to take that first leap. I as your mummy with be there to catch you. Wether you speak tomorrow, next month or next year. The words will start to flow and you will always flourish.

Never stop been my little Edward Bear

Love From

Your Mum


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Refresh your clothes with the #AceWinterRefresh Challenge

**This post is an entry for the BritMums #ACEWinterRefresh Challenge, sponsored by ACE for colours powder. Get help for all kinds of stains with the ACE Stain helper http://www.aceclean.co.uk and pick up the range at you nearest Morrison’s store or buy online on Amazon **

Winter is approaching with the weather drawing in and the weather changing. The change of seasons comes with a whole new wardrobe. It’s been tucked away since last Winter, Summer or Spring whichever one that has returned with this comes the task of refreshing it all. As a busy mum of three I don’t have the luxury of buying all new every season so some of my favourite jumpers are years old. They aren’t as vibrant and vivid as they once were. The brand new ACE for colours powder came at the perfect time for the big winter refresh. It reinvigorate’s clothes, using stain removing powers and bringing coloured garments back to life. I truly love the fact that its in a plastic free fully recyclable carton. Which is absolutely amazing in the fight against plastic. Not only does ACE remove your stains it also helps the planet not adding more plastic. Instead of a plastic scoop ACE recommend using a teaspoon! Which I personally think is amazing!!

Winter is also such a messy season with all the wet and muddy weather, my toddler seems to be magnetic to any sort of puddle no matter what the size. Along with a football loving daughter too ACE keeps all our garments bright, robust and clean meaning clothes last for longer. While removing the never ending laundry pile by gently removing all the stains.

I loved how it was so easy to add ACE for colours powder into my daily wash so there was no messing around trying to stain remove before washing or as extra to my normal load. Which is fantastic for keeping all clothes fresher for longer.

I’ve loved the chance to take part in the #ACEWinterRefresh challenge and getting the chance to refresh my winter wardrobe. So I’m all set to get all snuggly and wrapped up. No need to head out in the windy and wet weather for anything new as its all been reinvigorated and giving a freshen up with our ACE colour powder.

Don’t forget to head out to your nearest Morrisons store or order online at Amazon to get your own and give your winter wardrobe a amazing refresh that it deserves.

Thanks for reading and I will catch you in my next one


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Rolling Down the Road with David Gibb

All aboard rolling down the road is the brand new album from David Gibb. Our Toddler is absolutely enthralled and adores listening to the fantastic tunes.

As a family of five we have a lot of musical tastes to pacify and the amount of arguments during car journeys can be torture for the ear drums. When I heard about David Gibb’s music I was hopeful it would be something that we could all enjoy. It was exactly what we had been looking for. and something that has been missing from our music collection.

David saw himself frustrated by the lack of high quality music available for families and took inspiration from the strong children’s music movement in America. He set himself a mission of writing an album of songs aimed at families with a fantastic quality of song writing been the focus.

Rolling down the road builds on David’s success of 2017’s release of ‘Climb That Tree’. David’s music is such a wonderful shared experience that us as parents have enjoyed just as much as the children. It’s a complete mix of exploring all different genre’s from Jazz through to folk and rock n roll. Taking you as listener on a journey of reliving the joy of riding a bus to growing sunflowers. Time travelling back to fantastic childhood memories!!

The Tracks are all upbeat, super catchy and will have you singing along in no time. I think these are some of the main reasons David has become such a hit with families up and down the country. His last two albums have seen extensive tours of theatre’s, arts centres and festivial’s. This included an apperance at the first ever Just So Festival Brazil in Sao Paulo.

Rolling Down The Road is no exception to this and will be accompanied by an exciting live music stage show. The show is set to open in September and is one not to be missed. Devised by David alongside the best selling children’s author Michelle Robinson. While produced and directed by Half Moon Theatre London.

Rolling Down The Road is defiantly an album that everyone can enjoy no matter what their age. Which is such a rarity and refreshing change. Weather you are just a frazzled parent like me fed up of all the music based arguments or just someone with a general interest in music. David Gibb is definitely the Artist for you, you will soon find yourself reaching for the repeat button! Singing about Sunflowers, falling asleep at the zoo, building a new tree house and looking for buried treasure.

Rolling Down The Road is available on the 23rd August to find out more head to http://www.davidgibb.com

We were gifted David’s Album for a full honest review of our thoughts

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Our Experience with PoundToy

** This is a sponsored post but all opinions are 100% honest of our experience **

PoundToy are a company based in West Yorkshire and its one of the UK’s fastest growing toy webite. They stock such a variety of big brand names including Peppa Pig, Playdoh, Thomas The Tank Engine and many more. At such low cost and affordable prices.

We were given £50 to spend on PoundToy to see what was on offer and I was really impressed with all they had to offer. Having children so varied in age it was great to be able to shop for all of them in one place.

The website was really super to navigate around and find what we were interested in. Izzy helped me chose what to get for herself and her little brother. PoundToy would also be a great resource if you were planning a party as they had a aray of blind bags for party gifts and some decorations available.

When you spend more than £25 delivery is free and it was super speedy to be delivered. We ordered late on a Thursday night and it was with us by first thing on the Monday morning.

Izzy picked an array of craft activities which have been amazing while she is on summer holidays and the weather hasn’t been great. They have been keeping her busy and she’s thoroughly enjoyed them. Edward absolutley loves all his toys and playdoh that he got too.

I will definitely be back to PoundToy in the near future and recommend it to all my friends and family. Its just such great value for money! Head to https://www.poundtoy.com to grab your own bargains for all the family.

Click on the video below to see an unboxing of all the fantastic products we picked up

Thankyou to PoundToy on collaborating with us on this blog post.

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Learning With Night Zookeeper

I’ve mentioned on here before about my daughters struggles at school and with her learning. So anything that will help her with her skills and keep her confident in what she is doing especially in her English work.

We’ve been given the opportunity to work with the people at Night Zookeeper and we have found it such a creative and fun experience.

The site is super interactive and engaging, when you first log on to Night Zookeeper it starts off your adventure with a song. Its super catchy and a wonderful beginning to a beautiful adventure. You then begin creating your own creature. As my daughter loves anything about art and craft she absolutely loved been able to be super creative.

The creation of your creature in the My Zoo area doesn’t limit you to just the creative side of what the animal looks like. It also lets you complete all aspects of the whole character including how the creature would move, its hobbies and intrests.

The layout is super colorful and easily laid out for children to navigate split into 7 sections all clearly labelled and contained. A great addition I personally really loved was the reports that Night ZooKeeper creates. Setting the children writing goals to include all different elements of creative writing and grammar into there pieces of work. When these are completed your child gets orbs as a reward these are then used to travel to different areas.

The thing that as a parent I loved the most was that it felt more like a game than learning. Which for us was amazing as it kept our daughter fully engaged and in a generation that adores technology its the best of both worlds.

Also to go along side the Night ZooKeeper site there is a series of books following his adventures. My son really enjoyed the story we received about robotic spiders. I thought this was a wonderful addition to keep children engaged in another wonderful way whilst still helping them to be imaginative and creative.

Overall we all have enjoyed our experience with Night ZooKeeper the children actually having fun with the whole site and book. Where as I’ve loved seeing them work together on something so engaging that is improving their vocabulary, spelling and creative writing all while having the best time.

If you would like to head to the Zoo with Night ZooKeeper you can use the code “lovewriting” for 30% off.

AD~ We were gifted 3 months of Night Zookeeper (£9.99 per month) and the book for this review. All Opinions are 100% my own and our honest experience.

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Reading Goals

I have had this post planned at the beginning of the year but never got around to writing it. So here I am sat in June 6 months into 2019 with my goals for the rest of the year.

Goodreads Challenge

`Last year I set a reading goal of 12 books (1 per month) and I actually reached 25 Books across a total of 9,063 pages. This year I doubled that to hopefully reaching a total of 50 books by 31st December. Im Currently on book 18 with another 32 to go. So a fair way to get to but we have a holiday with no children planned later in the year hopefully I can claw some then and through the summer.

Keep making a dent in my TBR

My TBR pile is out of control lets face it who’s isn’t. Too many great reads and not enough time to get through them all. I am slowly making my way through the books I own. Im getting really good at finishing a book then passing onto my mum, friend’s or the charity shop. At the beginning of the year I started making a mini pile next to my bed off the main bookshelf. I have found this helpful when picking my next read,as I find it hard when deciding from the huge selection on the main shelf.

Try not purchasing too many new books

Have failed at this one somewhat over the last six months too many bargains and new releases. In my opinion my book buying hasn’t been as out of control as in the past. Really trying to keep it curbed for the rest of the year.

Finish series that are started

I really want to finish reading series that I have already started. The main one been the Disney Villain Series and Twisted Tales. Both these series of books I really enjoy and have really enjoyed what I’ve read so far. I have all the books that have been released in these collections waiting patiently to be picked up. If you love Disney I can recommend these books, when im finished I pass them onto my Daughter.

Read More Paige Toon Books

I discovered my love for Paige Toon last summer when I read Five Years From Now and I completely fell in love with her books. Paige has written 16 novels and im working my way through them. Upto now I’ve read 5 and enjoyed all of them.

So there are my reading goals for the rest of the year. I would love to know what your reading and your reading goals for the rest of the year.

speak soon



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